As Christians we are all disciples on a journey. Key to growing spiritually in our faith is spending time on reading, reflecting and acting on Gods word through scripture. We enjoy a variety of different ways of learning together as a fellowship. Here are some of the discipleship activities we enjoy.

7:30 pm Prayer Meeting
Held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Chapel Hall. Prayer is our opportunity to individually and corporately spend time with and deepen our relationship with God. Those from the fellowship who cannot make the prayer meeting are encouraged to pray at home. Prayer really matters for if we are serious about following Gods will and way it is only through prayer that this will happen.

Fellowship Lunches
We try and eat together as a fellowship at least once every three months, we would love this to be more regularly but recognise people lead busy lives. It is a chance to deepen already good relationships, see if we can help each other out and get to know new people. Our lunches are normally after the sunday morning service, around noon.

7:00 pm House Group
Meeting once a month (normally the 3rd Wednesday), the house group is intentionally held at members of the fellowship who may struggle to get out in the evenings, due to lack of transport of personal circumstance. The evening involves prayer, perhaps some scripture and without doubt a cup of tea and a chance to listen and support each other.

7:30 pm Bible Study
Held in the Chapel Hall normally on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. This gathering is an opportunity to look deeper into scripture in a relaxed and informal way. People are encouraged to share their views knowing nobody is being judged; we are all on a journey of learning and we do so together.

‘Being a Christian is not about what you know, but who you know. Knowing about Jesus is different to putting your faith in him. If you cross a river and there’s a bridge nearby no amount of engineering knowledge and bridge-building expertise will get you across. You have to use the bridge and walk across. You have to put your faith in the bridge and step out. So it is with Jesus – knowing about him is not the same as believeing in him and putting your faith in him.’ (Nick Lear – ‘Making a splash’, p.7-8)

Baptism is an outward sign of our christian witness and welcome into the body of Christ, the church. It is also an inward transformation, a receiving of the divine act of grace and promise of new life, given in and through Jesus Christ. It is an important step in our discipleship journey.

Being a small fellowship baptisms are not frequent, so it was a wonderful to celebrate in September 2012 the baptism of Katrina Plumb.

A Dedication Service allows parents to thank God for their child and to make promises about how as parents they will look after them. The church fellowship also promise to love and support the child and parents. We entrust the child to God’s care for the future and pray for both the child and the parents.

In April 2017 it was lovely as a fellowship to celebrate the dedication of Shannon Nathan with her parents, sister Molly and wider family.